Jimmy Delp as presenter

L’instant Magique programme

Extrait l'instant Magique

Jimmy Delp presents his own tv show called ‘’l’Instant Magique’’ mainly devoted to magic. A collaboration with his director friend David Amouegh.

The concept: a meeting place to present the world of magic to the public, carried out through interviews, clips from shows, hidden cameras and gags.

photo 1 l'instant Magique


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Gala presentation

Extrait Présentation de gala

Very involved with his audience, Jimmy Delp is a constant presence at gala presentations. Being an artist himself, his timing is perfectly adapted to everyone who appears, with varied comic and ingenious intermissions.

photo 1 La Bobox du Magicien Orangé
photo 2 La Bobox du Magicien Orangé
photo 3 La Bobox du Magicien Orangé
photo 4 La Bobox du Magicien Orangé


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The Orange Magician’s Bobox programme

Extrait La Bobox du Magicien Orangé

A demonstration of a magic trick, followed by a false revelation, and then to finish, a presentation of the same trick, but this time as a real spectacle!!!

photo 1 Présentation de gala
photo 2 Présentation de gala
photo 3 Présentation de gala
photo 4 Présentation de gala


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