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New : DVD Learn magic with style

Apprend la magie avec classe

Jimmy Delp, the Orange Magician teaches you step by step and in detail some fabulous magic tricks that will enable you to become a true illusionist. In this DVD the magic tricks have been carefully chosen for their ease of execution and impact on your friends. Ideal for beginners.

The contents include : Removing your eye, a magic trick where the magician seems to remove his own eye with a spoon.

The orange vitamin key : A key suddenly disappears. The illusionist makes several attempts, but it can’t be helped, it vanishes every time.

The telescopic straw : An infinite straw comes out of your mouth.

The disappearing cap : A cap disappears as soon as it’s put on your head.

The Thumb That Pushes : A variation on the woman who is cut in half, but with your thumb!

The disappearing pen : A pen suddenly disappears in your hands.

Dressed in a flash : Make your favourite t-shirt appear on your body in a fraction of a second.

The expert’s act : Coin tricks.

Language : French.

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Price : 20€ shipping included