On a secret notebook I write my dreams and they are realized one by one. My next dream is that you read my bio to the end!
Jimmy DELP

His charts in a few lines

  • Training: Commerce, National Conservatory of Drama, Actor Studio, Magic French Team
  • TV appearance on the show “The biggest cabaret in the world” by Patrick Sébastien in 2017
  • Act of magic in the big French TV show “Touche pas à mon poste”
  • Around twenty French TV appearances with magic and comic sketches (M6, Paris Première, FR3, Gulli, Chérie 25 …)
  • Presenter for different TV Magic shows in France (La Bobox du Magicien Orangé, L’instant Magique)
  • Show in Las Vegas on the same stage as David Copperfield for the Magic Live (The most mythical magician’s convention in the world)
  • Jimmy has an authorization from David Copperfield for being inspired by his magic effect of the man cut in half
  • Videos viewed more than 6,000,000 times on Facebook and Youtube
  • Jimmy gives a magic conference for professional magicians on the art of originality and artistic development
  • Jimmy has created his own DVD to teach children magic and he is creating his own comic strip
  • Magician and ventriloquist residence at the famous cabaret of Don Camilo and L’ange Bleu (75016 Paris)
  • A hit at the festival of Avignon 2014 in the great hall of the cinevox, with “The Orange Magician” show
  • Featured attraction in full season in theme parks; Parc Saint Paul, Royal Kids …
  • Seasons Magician – host at Club Med
  • Multi-purpose artist residency at Lol Event (Famous french event agency)
  • International tour with various sketches and shows in Slovenia, Africa, Las Vegas, New caledonia, England, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Marocco, Korea, (more than 2000 performances).
  • 4th place at the world comic magic championship in Korea 2018
  • Vice champion of France Magic 2016
  • Holder of the 2015 Gold Merlin in France
  • Prize for originality and 2nd Prize in the championship of France of magic
  • PRIZES from the public “Humor” (Lys d’or in France 2012)
  • 1st PRIZE “Humor” (Talent of scene in France 2009)
  • 1st Prize “Magic & Humor” (Arteco Production in France 2008)

For those who like to read :

His great passion for magic began at the age of 13 in Marseille when he saw that magicians such as Sylvain Mirouf and Dany Lary were always surrounded by attractive dancers. He began his first magic tricks at primary school and quickly discovered his performing talent. The playground turned into The Olympia and class time into cabaret numbers, even the teachers joined in.

One Christmas he received a funny monkey he called Shouky, almost the same monkey as Jeff Panacloc. Yes, it was a puppet, which quickly came to life thanks to the talent for ventriloquism that Jimmy Delp perfected by watching, among others, Marc Metral, his idol, at the biggest cabaret in the world. An idol that in 2016 he discovered face to face with him in the show C’est mon choix (presented by Evelyne Thomas) where they were both guests.

He performed his first magic show and ventriloquism at 16 years old for the Christmas tree of a works council, and it was a great success! A love for the stage was born!

Jimmy had such energy on stage that he was quickly noticed by a dozen events agencies that got him to tour throughout France. He travelled and developed his eccentric personality in transportation to travellers. These meetings gave true meaning to his craft and allowed him to powerfully enhance his shows. He loved to act so he decided to create characters who help him unmask himself!

Upstream he did 4 years of studies in commerce and then trained at the conservatory of dramatic art of Marseille and Actor Studio in Paris (75001).

He then became a presenter and columnist for local channels such as ATV1 (on Marseille) and Grand Lille TV (Northern France)
His talent as an actor also earned him a few acting roles for short films and in cinema movies (The veil burned, Kamikaze, August 15, Excess). He loved it all so much that Jimmy was forced to review his whole lifestyle. And since he wanted all of his crazy passions to be done seriously, he invested in a tape recorder in order to record in detail every idea that came to him. In 2012 he had the ingenious idea of ​​going to a place where he could perfect all his talents: “ventriloquist, presenter, actor, magician, comedian”, and decided to become a performer at Club Med. Delighted, he honed his craft and can do it all today with love and perfection!
With all these cards in his hands he decided to create a great magic show “The Orange Magician”, a mix of grand illusion, comic magic and a ventriloquism sketch. This show became the star attraction of Parc Saint Paul for 4 shows a day for a whole season, and was a huge success at the Avignon festival in 2014.
“Life is a never ending game,” he says. He always needs to develop his art to the maximum. He continues day and night with the help of his costumer, his manufacturer and his director to design ever more visual numbers. “In this business you have to know how to put yourself in the shoes of a scientist if you want to succeed in doing spectacles, it’s a permanent laboratory!” We do not create light, we create the sparks that flow from it!”

Thanks to its original sketches where his entire craft is gathered together, it won several important awards and is regularly seen internationally on television, with major brands and at festivals.

Today his dream has come true: having you read his biography!

Notes taken by the director of Jimmy